Matosinhos, World’s Best Fish

Matosinhos, World’s Best Fish

The gastronomy of Matosinhos, which is increasingly appreciated and praised at national and international level, is considered one of the main tourist products in the municipality, being part of the most varied itineraries and guides for gastronomic promotion from north to south of the country.

The wealth of the coast

The renowned gastronomy of Matosinhos, increasingly appreciated and praised by lovers of the art of eating well, is already considered one of the main tourist products in the county, illustrating tourist routes and gastronomic promotion guides in the municipality.
Land of sea and seafarers, it is possible to delight in the many restaurants and taverns, with the various delicacies of the most diverse fish, fished and cooked with mastery by the local people. From sea bass, to lobster, to octopus, to cod, to monkfish, passing through the famous sardines, savor the flavors of these delicacies, grilled on the coals, in stew or in the cataplana and the famous seafood rice.
Gastronomy is increasingly one of the anchor products of Matosinhos tourism, even though the municipality is sometimes considered the dining room of the Porto Metropolitan area.

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