Porto Sereno B&B

Your guest house by the sea

There are women who bring the sea into their eyes.
Not by color, but by the vastness of the soul

– Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (Porto, 6/11/1919)


Just 20 minutes from the historic center of Porto, in Porto Sereno – Guest House, you will find the tranquility to appreciate the history and essence of the city’s naval spirit.

Porto Sereno is a 19th century palatial house, which has undergone a careful reconstruction plan with all the original preserved remains, as well as exotic woods, original tiles, and delicious decoration details that our guests love to discover.

The project results in 8 large and comfortable suite rooms with a warm and calming vibration. Fell at home, it’s just the beginning of your journey.

Porto Sereno, a 19th century palatial house

World´s Best Fish

The renowned gastronomy of Matosinhos is increasingly appreciated and praised by lovers of the art of good eating. It is already considered one of the county’s main tourist products, illustrating tourist itineraries and gastronomic promotion guides of the Municipality.

Land of sea and seafood, it is possible to delight in the many restaurants and “tasquinhas”, with the various delicatessen of the most diverse fish, caught and masterfully cooked by local people. From sea bass, lobster, octopus, cod, monkfish to famous sardines, savor the flavors of these finger food, grilled on the grill, stew or cataplana and the famous seafood rice.

Source: matosinhoswbf.pt

Rooms & Suites

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Tours & Experiences

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The gastronomy of Matosinhos, which is increasingly appreciated and praised at national and international level, is considered one of the main tourist products in the municipality, being part of the most varied itin...